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Individual Therapy

One person making changes can turn a relationship around, and our time together is dedicated to understanding your situation and exploring the patterns that are interfering with connection while experiencing a new path toward connection with others. Individual therapy helps people gain insight into the struggles they are experiencing, and take action in order to heal and move forward toward fulfillment. We can meet face to face or online.

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As you begin your life together, you want to continue to have a strong bond. In premarital counseling, we will explore patterns that may lead to disconnection. As you identify the pattern, you will learn new ways of reaching, responding, and revealing parts of self to one another that will draw you closer and help your bond feel secure.


When one or both members of a couple begin to notice that things have changed in the relationship in a way that feels uncomfortable or disconnected, it is common for one person to reach out for help. By talking about the issues early and in a way that enhances acceptance and removes blame, couples find that they are strengthened by understanding their current state and working with their partner to restore the connection.


Most couples who seek therapy have known for some time that they have been disconnected. Chronic arguments, disagreements related to the pressures of parenting, financial stress and work responsibilities can lead to a growing divide between couples. Couples often want to repair their destructive patterns, but don’t know how. I am devoted to helping couples walk through difficulty with each other and learn to reach for each other instead of shaming and blaming one another which only causes more distance and confusion. Therapy focuses on researched based methods and ways of working with couples that repair and strengthens relationships after difficult times.

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Family Therapy

First Time Families

Couples often assume that bringing a child into the family will be an exciting transition filled with so much love that any bumps along the way will be less impactful. The reality is that adding a new member of the family brings an entirely new level of dynamics. Therapy can help couples navigate the waters of parenting by coming alongside them as they expand their family through adoption, foster care, or birth of a child. Prepare Enrich is an evidenced based therapy assessment that helps prepare couples to adding to their family.

Blended Families

Although blended families often look like first-time families on the outside, they are very different on the inside. The first step toward making a successful blended family is understanding the challenges that occur within the members of the family. Common challenges are that some members of the family may feel like an “outsider”, couples may have unrealistic expectations, children experience conflicting loyalties and grief, and dealing with differences in the “other” household can increase conflict with in the family. Family therapy can offer a safe place for couples to share feelings and resolve differences. Depending on the age of the children, the entire family may participate. Therapy can help the children or teens work out conflicts in a neutral environment exposing emotional “bruises” and promoting healing.

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